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+7 (8482) 51 60 60


+7 (8482) 51 60 60


Slitting line

FERRIT service center offers to clients slitting line of stainless steel coil stock

Modern italian automated slitting line splits  metal sheets into strips of require width. The advanced technology guarantees exceptional cutting quality as well as tight and precise reeling of strips.

We use most advanced management and automation systems that meet all of clients` need and requirements.

Metal for cutting must comply with the following conditions:

  • Metal thickness  from 0.4 up to 2.0 mm;
  • Coil width up to 1550 mm;
  • Inner diameter from 540 to 720 mm;
  • Maximum outer diameter up to 1800 mm;
  • Coil weight up to 15 tons;
  • Cutting precision +/- 0,5mm

The calculation of the cost of the order is made taking into account the individual characteristics: terms, overall dimensions of the rolled metal, quality and types of cut.

With large volumes of the order, as well as regular customers, special conditions are provided. To calculate the cost of the service, please contact your personal manager.

Also on our line you can rewind metal coils of the required length or required weight.

We guarantee high quality work, as we value our clients and many years of reputation.

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